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August 7, 2006

Secret singers to surprise passers-bys

LONDON - Experiential marketing agency CommentUK is launching a campaign for Walkers Crisps involving undercover performers breaking into song in front of surprised passers-by.

The campaign involves singers who appear to be members of the public performing Bobby McFerrin's a cappella hit 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' in busy areas, before removing their coats to reveal specially designed Walkers t-shirts. To create the impression for passers by that they are in a musical, the singers will be in groups of three with one starting off the song and the two others then joining in.

This latest campaign for Walkers is similar to the failed Phillip Schofield hosted show 'It's Now or Never' on ITV, where people surprised loved ones with heartfelt messages in the form of a musical.

Cities featured in the campaign, which has been launched to promote new flavours steak and onion and barbeque rib, are Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Newcastle, Brighton & Hove, Leicester, Leeds and London.

Justin Foxton, founding partner and chief executive of CommentUK, said: "This is a major initiative that will create a genuine Buzz in nine major cities across the UK. Research has proved that activity such as this has tremendous recall rates and as a way to launch two new crisp varieties it simply can't be beaten." The campaign, which lasts the rest of the week, is part of a wider push that includes national press advertising and radio promotional work on Emap Radio and GCap stations.

Posted by acapnews at August 7, 2006 9:19 PM