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September 1, 2006

Midsomer Murders -- Death in Chorus

Hollywood Reporter (CA):

The 50th episode of the popular nine-year-old English village green detective series "Midsomer Murders" involves DCI Tom Barnaby (John Nettles) in a heinous plot involving competing parish church choirs.

The cozy settings, quaint characters and leisurely pace of the 'Midsomer' series are, of course, the prime reasons for its popularity, along with the reliably familiar regulars.

Nettles is joined in the anniversary show by his beloved wife Joyce (Jane Wymark), daughter Cully (Laura Howard) and pathologist Dr. Bullard (Barry Jackson), plus Jason Hughes as Barnaby's right-hand man, DC Ben Jones.

There's the usual rich assortment of odd and eccentric country folk including a couple of rival conductors, each determined that his choir should win the upcoming choral competition. When one of the choristers is found dead, some murky practices involving local landowners and an expert forger of fine art gradually come to light.

DC Jones turns out to be a pretty good tenor and a perfect substitute for the murder victim, as Mrs. Barnaby, who is in the choir, quickly observes.

With a tuning fork found at a crime scene, birdwatchers lurking in the church graveyard at night, and the intricacies of mobile telephones all there to complicate his life, Barnaby takes his sweet time in solving yet another murder case while DC Jones, of course, does the running about.

I have been watching this show on and off for years and quite enjoy it however most all the eposodes are set in the same quaint little English village which means by now, after 50 episodes pretty much everybody in the village has either been murdered or are the muderers. A more dangerous place to live than Bagdad!!

Posted by acapnews at September 1, 2006 12:03 AM