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September 2, 2006

Big change announced for the Real Group

New Real Group member Johanna Nyström

After 22 years with concerts around the world, recordings and many unforgettable experiences together, The Real Group announces that, after Christmas, they will continue with a new member, Johanna Nyström. Johanna has been the "permanent substitute" of the RG for the last 12 years.

Margareta Bengtson (formerly Jalkéus) says:

"It is time to move on after 22 fantastically fun years with The Real Group. For a couple of years I have had the urge to relate musically to other instruments, since the a cappella format is so special and demanding. I find it amazing that Real Group still keeps the banner flying, and like true vocal missionaries sail on towards new unexplored islands in the marvellous world of vocal art, together with Johanna Nyström." This fall Margareta will sing with the group as planned (except for the trips to Japan) and her last concert with the RG will take place in South Korea in December.

Margareta has just finished her first solo project, a CD called "I'm Old Fashioned", that will be released by EMI October 25.

During the years, Johanna Nyström has grown into the group. It is a natural step for her, and for the original members, that she becomes a permanent member. Her experiences cover a wide spectrum of Swedish music life, having worked with artists from various genres, as, for example: Max Martin, Eric Ericson's Chamber Choir, Anders Eljas, Tommy Körberg, Tomas di Leva, Kroumata."

Good luck to Johanna as those are mighty big shoes to fill.

Posted by acapnews at September 2, 2006 12:15 AM