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October 4, 2006

Blokes sing up storm

Brisbane Courier Mail (Australia):

A group of Brisbane blokes have kicked another national goal but they didn't need Shane Webcke's strength or a fleet-footed Darren Lockyer. Instead, the 40-strong Birralee Blokes used their voices to be named the best youth choir in Australia as well as ABC Classic FM's Choir of the Year.

The weekend win in the hotly contested competition, which involved more than 7000 singers from 250 adult and youth choirs around Australia, was a landmark moment for The Birralee Blokes. With singers aged 12 to 20, the group formed only three years ago and rehearse each Saturday. They had not previously entered a competition.

"This is great for us and our goal," said Paul Holly, musical director of The Birralee Blokes.

"The goal was to encourage young men to sing and if the group was successful it would be a good advertisement for this. We just want to get more guys singing."

Mr Holly said the choir, which is part of Brisbane's Birralee Voices, was originally formed to stop boys giving up singing as they enter their teens and become self-conscious about their changing voices.

"We wanted to provide an environment where there were no girls around and where they wouldn't be embarrassed if there might be some squeaking and squawking," he said.

The Birralee Blokes beat choirs from South Australia and Western Australia to win the youth category and were also named Choir of the Year as well as winners of the ABC Classic FM Listeners Choice Award. They will receive a cash prize of $5000 and will be recorded by ABC Classics for a CD release and perform a new choral work commissioned for broadcast on ABC Classic FM.

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