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November 6, 2006

Chapter 6 Comes from Chicago to sing Tuesday night

Indiana Statesman (IN):

Chapter 6, originally from Chicago, consists of six members, Chuck Bosworth, Mark Grizzard, Jarret Johnson, Luke Menard, John Musick, Nathan Pufall and A.D. Stonecipher. "Chapter 6 is a premier jazz group from Millkikin University in Decatur, Illinois," said Chuck Bosworth, management representative and vocalist. "They were crowned the 2001 International Champions of Collegiate A Cappella."

Chapter 6, which started in 2000, with their first professional debut in 2001, has been distinguished as the youngest group ever to qualify for the national finals at the Regional Harmony Sweepstakes Grand Championship, Bosworth said. They are currently three-time champions and have won more competitions each year.

"Chapter 6, who wishes to spread the word of Christianity through their music, comes to Terre Haute to do just that," said Jane Victor, the administrative assistant. "All seven members of the group have special talents and enjoy using them to help spread the word."
The members of the group all enjoy their music and enjoy different aspects of what is going on with it.

"I enjoy traveling with the group and performing," Menard said. "When I was a freshman in high school, I started enjoying the sounds of a cappella. I never imagined I would be out there actually doing something with my music." Menard started singing a cappella at a young age, and it eventually lead him to sing for Chapter 6. "When I first started singing a cappella, I just imitated the sound of a violin and it made for great practice," Menard said.

Other members have a different outlook on it, like Pufall. "I joined Chapter 6 when I was a sophomore in college. It became an outlet to sing, and little did I know that it would turn into an adventure of touring around with my six best friends."

The boys believe singing is a great way to let go of their problems, and let God in, Bosworth said. Performing and just being up there doing what it is they do best, is the best outlet for their spirituality.
"There is hardly ever any time for friends and family," Pufall said. "By letting go of the worries and allowing God to inhabit us, we can take pride in what it is we are doing and fully understand what is it we are doing here, and the message we are providing to our audience."

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