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February 17, 2007

Blake Lewis - second a cappella singer makes American Idol finals

Well we always knew that some of the best singers are drawn to the many benefits of singing in an a cappella group! Not one but two American Idol finalists sang in an a cappella group as Blake Lewis sang for five years with the former pop group Kickshaw. Based in Seattle Kickshaw earned a reputation for explosive a cappella and could rock the house like few others could. When Blake left the group he began a career as a beatboxer and had great success becoming National Beatbox Champion using the moniker Bshorty. Kickshaw also featured Dan Schumacher who went on to become a member of the Bobs.

Blake began singing in a youth choir but says he was really inspired to sing professionally after going to an M-Pact concert. The Pacific Northwest has always been a hotbed of great a cappella and Blake, Rudy Cardenas and the members of M-Pact are all great friends.

Quite an accomplishment for a cappella singers and already some in the media are paying attention to that fact. We have been contacted by the TV show EXTRA and have sent them some video footage and photos of the finalists. We feel rather pleased as both Rudi and Blake have performed at the West Coast A Cappella Summit and we have boxes full of video we have shot of the performers over the many years.

Here is a music video of Blake at his beatboxing best.

Posted by acapnews at February 17, 2007 12:37 AM