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July 28, 2007

Ladysmith sings the ABC

With two young ones I find myself watching some kid's programming, something of course I never used to do. Well imagine my surprise when I suddenly saw this fabulous Sesame Street number featuring Ladysmith Black Mambazo singing the alphabet along with Kermit and the Muppets. Do check this out as I think it is just delightful.

Posted by acapnews at July 28, 2007 12:26 AM


Wow, I totally remember this! This was actually one of my best memories of Sesame Street. I never knew it was Ladysmith!

Posted by: Adam Van Hoosen at July 30, 2007 8:56 PM

there is another episode where they sing as themselves as well. I don't remember what year it came out, but I think it was in the late 80's early 90's

Posted by: Chris at November 20, 2007 3:36 PM

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