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September 8, 2007

Senator sings with choral group

Westborough News (MA):

State Sen. Pam Resor recently took a break from delivering speeches, arguing on the House floor and casting votes to sing songs with a choral group in South Africa this summer. The Acton resident is a member of the 200-member Yale Alumni Chorus comprised of singers from all over the United States. Every few years, the group travels to another country and shares its music.

This June Resor, D-Acton, and her group flew to South Africa and sang in different cities and towns in the three-week-long “Power of Song” tour. “Music is such a part of the South African heritage,” said Resor, “and their choral groups of course sing amazing compositions.”

Resor’s husband, Griff, is an alumnus of Yale, which is how the two became involved with the choral group. Resor has been singing in choirs and choral groups her entire life. She sang while attending Smith College and is a member of the church choir in Acton with her husband.

While in South Africa, Resor and her group sang at fundraisers and concerts in Grahamstown, Cape Town and Johannesburg. The groups also sang at several townships and health centers that treat AIDS patients. “It is a beautiful country,” said Resor, “and of course the beauty of the surroundings and the extreme poverty in the townships is quite a contrast.”

Although the trip forced her to miss 17 Beacon Hill roll calls, she said normally her attendance is stellar and she anticipates it won’t drop for a while. During the trip, she said she went on a safari, describing it as “exciting and interesting.”

Resor has been a member of the choral group for seven years. Previous tours have taken her to South America and Russia. To prepare for the concerts and fundraisers, Resor said the choral group practices for about a year at home and then gathers in New York City for full rehearsals.

“It takes a long time to organize all the opportunities,” said Resor. “It’s always a big challenge and a lot of organization.”

The Yale Alumni Chorus sang a variety of tunes during the trip to South Africa, Resor said. She described most of the music as “spiritual.” She added that the group even learned some of the traditional South African songs. “This time we sang a number of spirituals and learned a few African songs,” said Resor. “We got quite good at one piece we sang, the audiences always appreciated it.”

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