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December 1, 2007

Carolers Get Busted By Cops

Several members of a choral group singing Christmas carols for shoppers in a mall in Llandudno (Wales) almost ended up being jailed after mall authorities summoned the help of local police in trying to stop them - from singing.

According to reports, the choral group composed of 29 children with ages ranging from six to 11, were at first asked by to stop by a security guard of the shopping center after receiving complaints from shoppers the children were singing a bit loud.

However, the group led by head teacher Ian Jones of Sant Sior School in Llandudno, refused forcing mall authorities to seek the help of local police instead in asking the carolers to leave.

"They were singing beautifully and everyone was having a good time," Jones said. "After a short while a security guard told us we were only meant to be singing for one hour and could we please stop."

"I said no because I knew we were allowed to sing between 11am and 3pm," he stressed. "The security man said he had received complaints from shop tenants that we were too loud."

"In the end he threatened us with the police - and sure enough a support officer turned up."

One of the mothers of the children also protested the incident lashing at the shoppers instead.

"How miserly can the shopkeepers get?" the mother of a 10-year old member of the choir said. "They're lovely singers and everyone enjoys them, particularly old people out shopping."

While the manager of the Victoria Centre, Sue Nash admitted calling the police a mistake, she promised to make amends by allowing the kids to return to the mall next weekend.

"It was a misunderstanding but it has all been sorted now," Nash said. "It was just a mistake on the day, but it could have been handled better."

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