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February 25, 2008

Naturally 7 winning new fans

Florida Times-Union (FL):

Let’s talk about Naturally 7. Usually opening acts are relegated to the bottom of the review, pretty much as an afterthought. But the seven-man a cappella group was simply superb.

When the first member of the group came out, in his sleeveless undershirt and doo-rag, and started laying down some vocal sound effects, some of crowd had to wonder if they’d mistakenly wandered into a hip-hop concert.

And, with plenty of the crowd over the age of 60, that’s probably not what they were looking for.

One by one, the rest of the group came out, adding the sound of drums, bass and guitar, all with their voices. And that was fun. Warren Thomas did about as fine a drum solo as you’re going to hear, considering he didn’t have any drums.

But what really made the group stand out were their harmonies, so smooth and creative. They did a variety of songs, even a unexpected Simon and Garfunkel medley before finishing with a big version of Phil Collins’ In the Air Tonight. They turned that normally bland song into something special.

They sang for 40 minutes, could have gone on for twice that long, but ended to a standing ovation from most of the crowd.

After a highly successful tour across Canada the group now begins a US tour as the opening act for Michael Buble. The group has been getting great notices which have not only been praising them but reviewers are often mentioning how impressed they are with a cappella. Many mainstreeam press are still unaware of the more modern a cappella sounds and Naturally 7 are great ambassadors and this tour might well be what propels them to the same level of success as they enjoy in Germany and other parts of Europe.

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