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March 14, 2008

Bob-bob-bobbin along

phillyBurbs.com (PA):

Amy “Bob” Engelhardt is a little perplexed around tax time since she has to note her occupation. “The truth is that I make odd noises for a living,” Engelhardt said while calling from Boston. “It's unusual but true.” The engaging singer-songwriter is part of the Bobs, an eccentric a capella act. “We're serious musicians who don't play instruments,” Engelhardt said. “Some people don't know what to make of us.”

Indeed. A cappella is usually misinterpreted as doo wop, which fails to cover the Bobs sound. “I don't think there is a genre you can fit us in,” Engelhardt said. “We're not doo wop. We sing. We make all of the instrument sounds. It's unusual.”

The Bobs have garnered a strong cult fan base courtesy of its witty original compositions, which have been inspired by such unusual subjects as sleepy bus drivers and spontaneous human combustion. The group, which will perform Thursday at Patriots Theatre at the War Memorial in Trenton, also delivers audacious covers of such classics as Cream's “White Room” and the Trashmen's “Surfin' Bird.” The vocal virtuosos completely transform familiar songs and are entertaining live. “It's just a good time when we get out on the road,” Engelhardt said. “I have the most fun with these guys.”

Engelhardt will share the stage with Bobs veterans Matthew “Bob” Stull and Richard “Bob” Greene. Dan “Bob” Schumacher joined the group in 2007. “It's been good getting some new blood in the group,” Englehardt said. “We enjoyed the jolt.”

Schumacher wrote some of the songs for the latest Bob release, “Get Your Monkey Off My Dog.” All of the new tracks are playful and many are campy. “I Dreamt That David Mamet,” “Disappointment Pants” and “The Tight Pants Tango” are some of the funniest tracks on the disc. Engelhardt wrote each of those tunes. “I had a lot of creative energy going into this album,” Engelhardt said. “I just made the best of that.”

The Bobs celebrated their 25-year anniversary in 2006. “We're still reeling from that two years later,” Engelhardt said. “To be around for this long is amazing. I hope we can keep it going for many years. I don't see why we won't be around for awhile. There is so much to have fun with. I've been with these guys over a decade and I still feel the same way I did when I started. That's reason enough to continue.”

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