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June 21, 2008

Another jingle contest with big $

TORONTO (Reuters):

If you can string together a few catchy musical notes, write them down and send them to Canada's national broadcaster, you could win the newly announced jingle contest. The winning composition will receive C$100,000 ($99,000) in cash and half of the ongoing performance royalties. The other half will go to minor league hockey in Canada.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, which recently lost the rights to its hugely popular "Hockey Night in Canada" theme song, said on Thursday it will hold a contest to find a replacement for the jingle.

CBC, which had used the theme to open its top-rated "Hockey Night" broadcasts since 1968, lost the rights to the song about two weeks ago when rival CTV network struck a deal with the song's author.

The turn of events was huge news in hockey-mad Canada, where the peppy tune had taken on iconic status. In a statement on its website, the broadcaster said accepted entries will be posted online, where Canadians will rate and select the winner.

The winner will get the cash prize and notoriety. "The world will know you wrote an anthem that will be a key part of the CBC's Hockey Night in Canada broadcast," it said.

The price tag will be considerably less than the reported C$2.5 million CBC was being asked for to retain the rights of the old "Hockey Night" theme. That song will now be used for hockey broadcasts on CTV's English and French-language all-sports networks, as well as for coverage of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games.

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