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July 14, 2008

World Choir Games

Press Release

The 5th World Choir Games, from July 9 - 19, are under way with 441 registered choirs from 93 nations and some 20,000 active participants. It all starts with the parade of choirs and the formal opening ceremony in Graz, Austria. With 43 participating choirs, China boasts the largest international contingent, followed by Germany (41 choirs) and Russia (40 choirs). The host country, Austria, is also well represented, with 44 choirs.

The INTERKULTUR President expressed his delight at the enthusiasm shown by the choirs in the host country. He pointed out that the festival, which is dedicated to the Olympic idea, will also provide opportunities, such as the Chinese Evening, entitled "Night of the Dragons” to pay tribute to the victims of the earthquake in China and reflect especially on its consequences for the affected children. Titsch described the huge contingent from China as confirmation of the extraordinarily good relations INTERKULTUR enjoys with the country and the many devotees of choral music in China. The Chinese city of Xiamen was the scene of the 4th WCG in 2006, while Shaoxing will host the 6th WCG in 2010.

I participated in a similar type of event when I was a kid and it was a wonderful experience for me and helped spark my early interest in traveling and experiencing other cultures. I wish there were more such events in the US and it would be great for American kids to meet more young people from around the world. The US stance on granting visas, however, makes it very difficult to host such events here. What a shame. More info (and lots of great photos) on the web site.

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