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August 4, 2008

Last Choir Standing

One of my favourite English columnists A.A. Gill (The Times) does not seem to care for the hit show "Last Choir Standing" which is now down to the final six.

"Or choral music can sound like Last Choir Standing (BBC1, Saturday). I have been orally immobilised by the breadth, invention and minutely crafted godawfulness of the arrangements, harmonics and twinkie descants in this spellbinding competition. What is so marvellously compelling is that there are quite so many teenagers and students out there who are publicly willing to give up any possible hope of a sex life or respect to live with the ridicule and revulsion of their peers, simply to take part in performing this wall of kitsch. What Strictly Come Dancing is to dancing, Last Choir Standing is to singing — and, indeed, standing."

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