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November 10, 2008

The new Queens of Harmony - Moxie Ladies

Congratulations to Stacey St. John (tenor), Jennifer Edwards (lead), Amy Leacock (baritone) and Gretchen Holloway (bass) of the Moxie Ladies quartet who were crowned the Sweet Adleines Queens of Harmony this weekend at the international convention held in Honolulu. Moxie Ladies represent two regions; Regions 17 and 4. In second place was Jackpot! and Razzcals Quartet came third. Winning their 5th International gold medal The Melodeers Chorus made Sweet Adelines' barbershop history when they won with a score of 3,023 points, the highest score ever awarded to a Sweet Adeline chorus. North Metro Chorus won silver and Scottsdale Chorus bronze.

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