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November 14, 2008

'Toxic Audio' will be unleashed in Williamsport

Danville News (PA):

Break out the contamination suits and the hazardous material warning signs because today downtown Williamsport is going to become toxic — with the Off Broadway hit, “Toxic Audio.” With their strong and hard hitting vocals, the break out group celebrates and showcases music only from the human voice. Although the show lacks a band or any type of back-up musicians, the group themselves supply the sounds of a lively band.

“Our show is certainly unlike audiences have ever experienced,” said band member Jeremy James. “ What we do on stage is show what the human voice is capable of.”
“Toxic Audio”, often referred to as an “acappella sensation,” has garnered national fame and attention while picking up numerous awards since the group’s formation 11 years ago.

In 2005, the Off Broadway performance of “Toxic Audio” was named the Artist of the Year by the CARA Awards, as well as being rated number one in the “Wall Street Journal/Zagat Theater Survey.” The show went on to become that year’s Highest Recommended Show, receiving higher audience ratings than “Hairspray”, “The Lion King” and Mel Brook’s smash hit, “The Producers.”

The reason the little Off Broadway show was able to steal some of the spotlight from the block buster shows was the simple fact the group uses no instruments to make their music. “We have always attracted a very varied mix of people to our shows, everything from people that love classical music to school kids, families and older people. People of all ages turn out to see us, so that is an honor for us that we can attract such a varied mix of people,” James said. “We always make sure we have a very family friendly show and that everyone has a good time.”

In addition to James, Toxic Audio consist of Shalisa James, René Ruiz, Paul Sperrazza and Michelle Mailhot-Valines. Their musical skills and broad vocal range allows the group to weave together a tapestry of musical styles both acting independently and as one.

“People will hear, or think they hear rhythmic drumbeats, guitar and bass lines from classic, contemporary and pop songs,” he said. “The drive and energy they put into each performance is defiantly noticed by audience members, but also by the media.”
In addition to touring across the nation, “Toxic Audio” has performed at such venues as Shea Stadium, the mayor of New York’s Gracie Mansion, Robert Deniro’s Tribeca Film Festival and numerous TV appearances.

“This is what we do, what we love. While, being out on the road can get to you at times,” James said, “but when we get in front of an audience and hear the applause and see the people clapping, that makes all of the traveling issues worth it.”
For folks planing on attending the Williamsport performance, there is no need to don safety gear, the only thing needed is an open mind and the ability to be entertained.

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