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November 28, 2008

Voice Male, find inspiration in children's music

Deseret New (UT):

For Voice Male, it's always been about fun. It's been about making music, about providing uplifting entertainment, but it's also been about having fun — for themselves and their audiences.

"We're just normal guys who like to have fun and happen to sing," John Huff says.

"As entertainers, the thing we enjoy most is seeing people laugh," adds Mike Bearden. "We try to sing well enough not to be a distraction. We like to sing in key. But we also like to interact with our audience and fans."

It's a formula that has served them well over the past 14 years, as they have accumulated nine CDs filled with 120 songs, performed in a "venue list practically a mile long," and gathered up fans all over the place. Their "Jingles" Christmas albums have won national awards; they are multiple People's Choice award winners with the LDS Booksellers Association. They were recently honored as the 2008 Utah State University Young Alumni of the Year.

In fact, about the only area where they haven't been successful — quitting. As the six singers have gotten married and now have children — some 19 among them all — and a couple of guys have moved away, and they all have other day jobs, it gets harder. "We think we can't possible keep going," says Bearden.

"But by some miracle we do," adds Huff.

In addition to Bearden and Huff, the group is comprised of Phil Kesler, Richard McAllister, John Luthy and Mike Wilson. Their a cappella group was formed when they were all students at USU, mastermined by bass and vocal percussionist Luthy, who recruited other members of the LDS Institute Choir. Originally, there were nine members, but that quickly settled into the six who have carried on.

"We joke about how we gave our farewell concert tour in 1997," says Bearden, "but we can't seem to quit." Read more.

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