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December 9, 2008

Who's the a cappella grinch?

An upsetting message from the King's Singers

We have been in North America for 12 days or so now, and spent last night giving a performance at the wonderful new Chapman Cultural Center in Spartanburg, South Carolina. It has been really quite relaxing to be luxuriating in the harmonies of our Christmas show, called “Joy to the World” - but I doubt today’s performance will be quite as relaxing. That’s because for some reason two sets of music were lifted off the stage after the concert. Now why would anybody do that? Its true that people are very interested in our performing editions, and the notes we make on the music. It’s also true that people want souvenirs of our concert - but enough to take our music home? If you know where that music is, could we ask that you get it back to us? If it was you - ask yourself: why did I do that?

There is a number of reasons why we need it back: we still have two weeks of performances on this Christmas tour; next year the new countertenor Tim Wayne-Wright will be singing at least some of it, and will not be able to benefit from the hand-written notes made over the years by his predecessors; some of that music is unpublished King’s Singers music which we do not give out for other choirs to sing; a lot of the music IS published of course, in cleaned-up versions for choirs - wouldn’t this be so much better? We assume that whoever has the music enjoyed the concert, the music, and the singing. How that enjoyment translates into “lets jump up on the stage and run off with the music” is baffling…

Call 1 800 WHERES THE JOY TO THE WORLD if you have any information.

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