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January 16, 2009

Chorus members get stuck in elevator

The Eagle Tribune (NH):

Firefighters rescued two women from an elevator in the Marion Gerrish Community Center last night after the elevator motor apparently malfunctioned. Several women briefly evacuated the building when they spotted smoke and a smell of burning rubber wafted through the halls.

Marie Grazulis of Pelham and her next door neighbor, Jeannette Caynon, got stuck inside the elevator for about 10 minutes as it struggled to reach the second floor. They were headed to a second-floor room to practice in their all ladies a cappella group, Rhythm of New Hampshire Show Chorus.

Grazulis said she and Caynon could tell almost right away there was something wrong. "The elevator went up very, very slow," Grazulis said. "The doors won't open up unless you get all the way to the top."

Once the elevator froze up, Grazulis said she pressed the emergency button. A building maintenance worker called out to the women and they told him they were stuck. Grazulis said it smelled like something was burning. Firefighters were eventually able to use a key to get the elevator door unlocked so the two women could step out.

No one was injured during the brief emergency. Grazulis said the singing group practices at the building weekly.

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