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February 26, 2009

Phoenix Chorale gladly faces recognition

Arizona Republic:

Watch the ensemble accept their award at the Grammys

It's something award nominees do. It's natural. It's understandable. They practice how their face will look when the winner is announced - and it's not them. You know, the little smile. The slow nodding of the head.

"But you never practice how you'll look when they do read your name," said Charles Bruffy, artistic director for the Phoenix Chorale. On Feb. 8, Bruffy and members of the chorale got to show that face - that one that says, "We won!"

During the pre-telecast festivities for the Grammy Awards, the group won for best small-ensemble performance for "Spotless Rose: Hymns to the Virgin Mary."

The glow of winning a Grammy is something Bruffy continues to bask in. Even though the group didn't win any other awards that night, they were happy with their three other nominations. Their winning disc was in the running for best classical album. The other two nominations - for best choral performance and best surround-sound album - was for their recording "Rheinberger: Sacred Choral Works" with the Kansas City Chorale.

Of the win, Bruffy said the recognition is wonderful. "In the very moment of it, there was a very electric sensation, and frankly I'm glad we have it on tape because I don't remember it," he said with a laugh. "But now that we've regained consciousness, it's profoundly gratifying to us that people around the world have acknowledged the artistic playing that we have achieved through the years of hard work, now that it appears we're an overnight success."

Jen Rogers, director of marketing and communications for the group, said every time the person reading one of the chorale's nominations, members, friends and family screamed in delight. "By the time they announced the best ensemble, he (the person opening the envelope) looked right at us," she said. "We all lost our minds and ran up on stage and it was amazing, looking out on all the faces. It was a lot of fun."

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