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March 26, 2009

An interview with Richard "Bob" Greene

Northern Light (AK):

They might have one of the more unusual names for a music group, but The Bobs are promising good, unpredictable fun at their upcoming musical performance. And who doesn't love songs about monkeys attacking dogs? The Bobs are quirky, comical and one of the more successful a cappella groups around, having been nominated for a Grammy for one of their cover songs on The Beatles.

The Northern Light interviewed Richard Bob Greene, the group's bass singer.

Q: What do you try to capture with your songs?
A: They are humor, well, most of them. We are an a cappella group and about a third of what we do are covers of other people's classics. You know, like rock and roll classics and the like. We try to take them new places. Now two thirds of the things we write are original and are about perhaps not your most normal subjects for songs.
Q: What is one of your more interesting songs?
A: Well, we have a fairly new album out called "Get Your Monkey Off My Dog."
Q: How did you come up with that album name?
A: You know, I wrote that particular song and I was out in the park one day in Brooklyn with my dog and someone else had their monkey there, and their monkey actually attacked someone else's dog. So I went, well, you know, not everybody writes a song about that, why not? Our motto is you can write a song about anything.
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