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April 8, 2009

N7 hangs with Coldplay

Chris Martin of Coldplay heard Naturally 7 on UK radio recently and was so impressed by their harmonies and their vocal replication of instrumental sounds, he flew home from Germany to catch their London show. He took producer Brian Eno and pal Natalie Imbruglia with him.

"We'd heard he was coming, but you never know," Naturally 7 singer Rod Eldridge says. "Sure enough he's hanging over this upper balcony with Natalie and Brian. It was pretty surprising."

Martin came backstage with his posse to invite Naturally 7 to record with Coldplay; he's a man of action -- the next day they joined the chart-topping band, Eno and Imbruglia in a London studio. "We just jammed and sang," Eldridge says. "Chris wanted us to teach him vocal sounds, he's working on something. He's not there yet but I'm sure he'll come around. There's nothing concrete but we're planning on doing some things together."

The event was a family affair -- Martin bringing children Moses and Apple. "We were improvising, making music, then we went off to have tea and biscuits, so it turned into a real English thing," Eldridge says.

"Natalie and I were talking vocal techniques, she was giving me tips on how to get around nodules on vocal cords. It was a great day. It's so nice to know someone like Chris Martin appreciates what we do. He's taking time out of his interviews to mention us. We're definitely honoured."

Indeed, Martin heaped praise on the band during his recent Herald Sun interview. "I loved taking Brian, he was knocked out," Martin says. "His favourite thing is singing. And that's what they do. They're incredible."

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