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May 8, 2009

Face's all-vocal rock is a big hit in Boulder

Daily Camera (CO):

It's an uphill battle for any local band seeking headliner status. For Boulder's Face, that hill was just a little bit higher. As an all-vocal band, Face has had to overcome the stigma of being an a cappella group. Mark Megibow, the band's vocal percussionist and business manager, is quick to point out that Face is so much more than that. "We're a rock group. But it's all vocal," he says.

Even the phrase "vocal band" can be misleading. Sure, it's six guys singing, but Megibow uses his voice like a drum kit, doing everything from re-creating traditional percussion instruments like cymbals and snare drums to beatboxing (see sidebar). Bass vocalist Forest Kelly doesn't just offer a strong baritone voice. He mimics an electric bass.

"When I'm singing the bass line, I'm doing my best to have the groove just really fit in there nice and tightly," Kelly says.

Together, Megibow and Kelly produce a rhythm section worthy of any rock group. It comes in handy when the band is performing pop and rock tunes like Fall Out Boy's "Sugar, We're Goin' Down" and Cake's "Short Skirt/Long Jacket." The band also performs classics like "Sexual Healing" and "How Deep is Your Love," alongside originals and even a few curve balls, such as the "Pink Panther Theme" and "The Safety Dance."

Face performs at Nissi's in Lafayette on Monday and has a number of big gigs planned for the summer, including performances at the Boulder Creek Fest, Longmont's Rhythm on the River and a headlining spot at the Boulder Theater on June 18.

It's been an uphill climb to get to this level, but after seven years and two CDs, Face has become a top draw. Locally, Face regularly plays at Nissi's, the Boulder Theater, Boulder's Dinner Theatre, the Soiled Dove Underground in Denver and the D-Note in Arvada. Nationally, the band has sold out the Steve Wyrick Theatre in Las Vegas and has performed all over the country, including gigs in San Francisco, Chicago and Minneapolis. Last week, readers of the Boulder Weekly named Face the best band in Boulder. Not best a cappella band. Best band, period. Read more.

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I recently saw you perform at Sound of the Rockies. I really enjoyed your performance. keep up the good work

Posted by: sally Spaulding at April 18, 2010 11:39 AM

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