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June 4, 2009

King's Singers left bemused at Grammy mix-up

thisisgloucestershire.co.uk (UK):

When the world-famous King's Singers arrived in Tewkesbury to collect their Grammy award they were in for a shock.

The British group was on tour in America in February when members learned their latest album had been given the prestigious musical honour. After months of waiting to receive the award, the six male singers arrived at Tewkesbury Abbey yesterday to be officially presented with their gramophone-style awards – only to find they had the wrong name carved into them.

The plaques underneath the awards said King's Sisters rather than Singers. It seems someone at the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences in America had failed to check on the sex of the all-male group.

But after much head-shaking, the group members' mood lightened. They were soon laughing about the error when they realised the academy had noticed its mistake and had enclosed replacement plaques with the correct name on them.

Stephen Connolly, who has clocked up 22 years with the group, which was given best classical cross-over album 2008 for Simple Gifts, said: "It's fantastic. It's a really prestigious award."

He and the other five singers were making one of their regular appearances at the Abbey. They spent most of yesterday being filmed in action by the BBC. The footage will be used in different episodes of popular show Songs of Praise throughout next year. Stephen said: "We've been to the Abbey once a year for the past few years. It's lovely. It's a fantastic place. "For the producers, all they have to do is point the camera in one of a 100 places."

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