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October 3, 2009

For Whiffs, a nine-month long reunion

Yale Daily News

When Dennis Cross ’65 takes the stage in Woolsey Hall tonight to sing with fellow Whiffenpoof alumni for the Whiffs’ centennial, it will be for the second time this year.

Though this weekend’s festivities are billed as “The Whiffenpoof Centennial Reunion,” the Whiffs have been celebrating their centennial since January, when the Whiffenpoofs of 2009 gave a large concert in Woolsey Hall featuring comedian John Hodgman ’94 and former Whiffenpoof Jonathan Coulton ’93 as well as several groups of alumni.

The Whiffs decided to host two large centennial bashes, spread nine months apart, to allow for almost a full year of Whiffenpoof celebrations, said Cross, who is also the president of the Whiffenpoofs Alumni Association. Last year’s Whiffenpoofs were largely responsible for organizing the January concert, which — despite featuring several groups of older singers, including Cross — mainly showcased the talents of what was then the youngest generation of the country’s oldest a cappella group.

“The Whiffs of 2009 wanted to have a celebration that … was really their concert,” Cross said. “The coming together of all the ages — that’s what we’re doing here today.”

Because January is the actual month in which the a cappella group was founded over 100 years ago, this past January was the perfect time to kick off the centennial, said Barry McMurtrey ’88, who began planning the centennial celebrations about a year and a half ago. But most Whiffenpoof reunions, which occur every five years, are held in October, making this month a logical choice for the biggest Whiffenpoof reunion in recent memory, he said. Read more.

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