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December 5, 2009

Singing out of tune can be good

The Guardian (UK): (Hat tip The Choral Blog)

One of the weirder side effects of watching The X Factor is that I've started to think singing in tune is hugely overrated. It's a central tenet of the show that singers should be note-perfect, the ideal being the melisma-heavy, high-octane style practised by R&B vocalists, who are all talent and no taste. I suspect at least 250,000 people agree with me: that's how many people bought the debut album by La Roux, whose trademark falsetto tends to flail around only in the approximate vicinity of the tune.

Her wobbliness lends a fragility to songs like Bulletproof, undermining its lyrical feistiness. It's proof that singing out of tune can convey emotions that being in tune can't: frailty, insouciance, sarcasm, anger. All the melismas in the world can't pack the emotional punch of Billie Holiday's ravaged voice on her 1958 album Lady in Satin. Read more.

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