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December 23, 2009

Jay Sean Throws Nota Off-Key – Almost

People Magazine:

For a split second, while singing their rendition of the Jay Sean hit “Down,” the a cappella sextet Nota went speechless for the first time since appearing on The Sing-Off. That's because Jay Sean himself snuck up behind them and joined them onstage Monday after they won the musical competition.

“When they called me up and said if Nota win, we would love for you to come out, surprise them and sing your song with them, I said, ‘Oh my God, of course I will,” Jay Sean tells PEOPLE. “But one thing I knew, and I told them, was, ‘Guys, you do realize there’s actually no backing music. They are the music.' So if they get surprised, which they will be, they’ll stop singing! There will just be silence! Luckily, they’re all such pros and they just kicked back in and we had fun.”

A stunned and elated Nota, who traveled from Puerto Rico to compete, also received a congratulatory text message from Ricky Martin upon their win over Tufts University singers the Beelzebubs.

"We're just grateful we were able to bring our music and that people enjoyed it," says Nota member David Pinto, 25. "The competition was so tight," adds Edgar Rios, 34. "All the groups were so amazing in their own style, and we're really thankful for the fans and the people who voted for us. It's amazing."

Jose Rodriguez, 37, says, "We've been waiting for this for so many years. We are very passionate. This is the opportunity we've been dreaming of and are honored to be a part of this great show. We are so grateful."

In the finale audience were stars Jack Black, Masi Oka and Peter Gallagher. Read more.

Personally I thought that was a rather tacky thing to do. Here's Nota singing their champion's encore after a tough competition and somebody comes along unexpectedly and starts stealing their spotlight. No big deal but that was one of the very few missteps in the show.

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