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January 22, 2010

Band from 'Scrubs'

Sun-Times Media (IL):

If it's a choice between seeing The Blanks and seeing the movie "Avatar" again, Sam Lloyd and Phil McNiven would like to assure you that their band's show is just like "Avatar."

They'll perform with a cappella group The Blanks -- yes, that band from "Scrubs" -- at 8 p.m. Jan. 23 at Elgin Community College. Lloyd is a tenor, McNiven is a countertenor, and other members include baritone George Miserlis and bass Paul F. Perry.

They recently took time out for a conference call to talk about the upcoming show.

"We're in 3-D, and the show involves alien cultures like me because I grew up in Canada," said McNiven. "Also, we have a heavily muscled, scarred, buzz-cut Marine in the show. And (we have) an exotic language -- a cappella. The only difference is, at no point in our show does a hammerhead rhinosaurus burst onto our stage."

"And we're not blue," Lloyd added. "And we bleep out all our swears. Like most a cappella groups, we're trash mouths." Just kidding, he assures. "We're a very family-friendly show. At one point, I say 'Who the fudge are you?'"

Like in "A Christmas Story?"

"Yeah. Our show is kind of like 'A Christmas Story,' except instead of a BB gun ... help me out, Phil, I'm riffin' ... Except instead of a BB gun, we want a contract from a manager who will make us stars," Lloyd said. Read more.

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