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February 10, 2010

Interview with a Blank


Q. How did the Blanks come together?

A. George, Paul, and I all went to Syracuse and were all involved in theater there. We would get together and make each other laugh and sing stupid songs. We were really just singing for fun. We talked Paul into arranging the John Williams “Superman’’ theme - because he wrote original words for it and we just thought it would be a hoot, and we sang it at the “Scrubs’’ Christmas party, and that’s how we got on the show.

Q. After seeing you on “Scrubs’’ over the last eight years, I was surprised that the Blanks only just recently started performing regularly.

A. We kind of thought there wouldn’t be much interest in it. So we didn’t really pursue it. We had our CD out, and then a manager got in touch with us through our website and he said he thought he could get us work and we said, “Well, good luck with that.’’ And he did!

Q. As an a cappella enthusiast did you watch the recent NBC competition show “The Sing-Off’’?

A. I caught the last couple of episodes. That show was a gas. I was happy with the group that won, Nota. They were unique and [had] great rhythms. The Blanks are somewhere between a barbershop quartet and what they are; we like to call ourselves a barbernot quartet.

Q. Have you been surprised at all that with that show and “Glee’’ that it seems like a certain style of group singing, both a cappella and accompanied, once considered kind of corny has become kind of cool?

A. Oh yeah, it was kind of shocking. We were put on “Scrubs’’ as a gag for just that reason, so that Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) could say, “This is ear rape!’’ So when it suddenly started getting hip it was pretty phenomenal. We were on the plane reading a newspaper and came across an article about the group that did “The Twelve Days of Christmas’’ [Straight No Chaser] and that they were popular and getting a record contract. It’s pretty incredible.

Q. So do you feel like the Blanks are poised for superstardom?

A. Oh yeah, I think we’re going to be Top 40 pretty soon. We’re huge right now, I can’t tell you, it’s sex and drugs and rock ’n’ roll for us right now - a cappella roll. (Laughs)

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