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July 23, 2010

Glee Could Take Some Lessons From the BBC’s Delightful New Reality Show, The Choir

New York Magazine:

When Glee’s first season ended last month, we prepared ourselves for months of sad, song-free television. Then last night we watched the premiere of BBC America’s new reality series, The Choir, and it was as if a gray, tuneless cloud had lifted. We were inspired! We heard music, and none of it was “Don’t Stop Believing” (or any Journey, for that matter)! We laughed, we cried, we believed in unicorns again! Well, maybe not that last bit, but The Choir has, to say the least, wholly restored our faith in reality television, and it also set an example that Glee might want to take notes on.

Calling The Choir reality TV is a bit of a misnomer; it’s more like an especially animated 60 Minutes segment. The central subject is Gareth Malone, an adorably rumpled, earnest, 30-year old (who looks 18) graduate of the Royal Academy of Music, leader of the London Symphony Orchestra’s community choir, and vehement believer in the power of group singing. Malone is sent to Northolt High School in Middlesex — an area of “relative social deprivation,” according to its head of school — to start a choir that can compete in that year’s world choir Olympics. Trouble is, the school has no arts programs to speak of. But don’t call it a Glee clone; The Choir was filmed in 2006 and is only now reaching our shores. Also, Mr. Malone thankfully does not rap.

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