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August 18, 2010

The Magnets prove to be a draw at The Fringe


Immensely likable and supremely slick, The Magnets apparently started off as buskers in Edinburgh way back in the day, the a capella group working their way up at the Fringe over the past five years, so this run of shows at the sizeable Udderbelly venue seem just reward for their efforts.

Though they are talented singers, the key lies in their demanding, precise arrangements, which takes numbers such as David Bowie’s Let’s Dance and Blur’s Parklife and richly renders them in a perky, doo-wop inspired fashion, the six-piece’s vocals all working away to provide a lush sound that far exceeds expectations of what can be achieved without any additional instruments or sound effects.

In fact, relying on their dextrous vocals affords them a scarcely believable element of control that they wittily utilise during one routine. All six members engaging in a bit of silly scat singing, the beatboxer of the group then acts as the operator of an invisible mixing desk, turning up and down the volume of each member’s contribution, isolating their sound, sending them off one by one and then somehow scratching between all the different parts by himself. It probably has to be heard to be believed…

Nifty and nimble, the band are such harmlessly good fun that you want to reduce them to miniature size - using that ray gun device Rick Moranis had in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids - and carry them around in your own pocket, The Magnets literally on hand and ready to perform a cheery rendition of one of your favourite hits whenever you start to feel a bit down. Read more.

A cappella is all over the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with 22 shows listed on the schedule plus several roaming groups as well. The Magnets were one of the first to do the Festival and have been very successful with numerous UK prime time TV appearances. They also have their very own iPhone app called MagnetsMix and is available from the App Store.

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