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October 19, 2010

Branson’s SIX is a perfect “10”


The advertising for the Branson show SIX says, “You have to see it to believe it,” “Your eyes won’t believe your ears” and “You won’t believe what comes out of their mouths.” Having seen the show a number of times, most recently this week, all this writer can say is, “You have to see and hear it to believe it. These guys are the real deal.”

In a town many refer to as “The live music show capital of the world,” where quality music and comedy shows are a daily reality, there is a reason why SIX is one of the hottest tickets in Branson and is playing to packed houses even for its matinee performances. This writer believes it is because SIX stands out as one of the most unique, amazing, personable and entertaining shows in all of Branson.

There’s an old adage “What you see is what you get.” Anyone who has seen the SIX show however, knows that their performance is proof positive that is not true. What you see for the whole show is six of the Knudsen brothers singing A cappella. In order of age that would be Barry, Kevin, Lynn, Jak, Owen and Curtis.

What you won’t see is any live band. Yet what you will experience is two hours of the most unique, exciting and memorable music you will ever hear including great vocals and the sound of a band. The remarkable thing is all the sounds, vocal and instrumental are coming from the same place, “the mouths” of the SIX Knudsen brothers. It truly is an amazing thing to see and hear.

SIX has one of the most unusual cast introductions ever. As each brother is introduced they “play” their instrument drums, trumpet, bass etc., but here is no instrument. They are truly “an orchestra of human voices.” What’s strange is that even after the introduction you’ll find yourself looking for the instruments because there is no way those sounds could be coming from them, but it is. Read more.

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