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October 25, 2010

Stile Antico: Tiny Desk Concert

NPR (blog):

There's nothing particularly funny about most 16th-century choral music, but the young members of the a cappella ensemble Stile Antico cracked themselves up the entire time they sound checked for this Tiny Desk Concert. A distinctive brand of humor bubbled up within this close-knit group — perhaps a side effect of the five-hour drive they had just made from North Carolina.

But when the cameras started rolling, they were all business — and it's no wonder they've been called "the jewel of English a cappella singing." You would think the strength of a dozen singers would blow away everyone in our small office space, but Stile Antico's music had the opposite effect. The pure, ethereal sound drew our audience in completely. Read more and watch video here.

One big advantage a cappella groups have over other bands is the ability to perform in a small space without a bunch of equipment. This is perfect for radio and over the years I have had good success getting radio interviews and on air performances for groups. Offering to sing a cute radio station ID for them is a often a clincher..

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