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May 19, 2011

The Sing-Off becomes a full season series

TV Guide:

NBC's decision to turn singing competition The Sing-Off into a weekly series might be the biggest surprise of the new fall season. But it was a move that came only after intense debate inside the Peacock network over how and when to air a second season of new hit The Voice.

According to insiders, a faction inside NBC was extremely keen to find a way to keep The Voice on the fall schedule, and the choice was heavily examined.

"It was obviously much debated," confirms NBC Entertainment alternative programming executive vice president Paul Telegdy.

Such a move would make sense: The Voice talent competition has given NBC some of its best ratings in years, and has quickly turned into a critical building block for NBC's primetime recovery. That's why many rivals and TV analysts expected NBC to rush the talent competition back on the fall schedule. "Getting The Voice on there is important," one exec said prior to NBC's announcement. "People are responding to it."

The Sing-Off, which saw big growth in its second season last December, was originally scheduled as a seasonal event during the holidays. But the show has been poised for bigger things at NBC. Telegdy said The Sing-Off was among the first shows referenced by Greenblatt when the exec arrived at NBC.

"Bob made a case that the show was robust and showing strength," Teledgy says. "He thought we should consider an elongated series, and make it more of a competition with stakes. The quality of talent and musical performances is so good. He was confident in its potential."

It quickly dawned on NBC that The Sing-Off could give NBC some schedule symmetry: Moving from The Voice in spring, then America's Got Talent in summer and The Sing-Off in fall. "That may not be the dumbest thing on the planet," Telegdy dryly remarks.

Telegdy was also bullish on the fact that The Sing-Off hosts a vibrant social media community. "As a key indicator for people's passion for the show, the social media lived on for months after the show ended," Telegdy notes. Read more.

Well how cool is this news!! More shows! More Groups! More Marketing! More Publicity! I have to sit down awhile. I'm all giddy. And do please remember how the Harmony Sweeps was very much a part of the inspiration for the show.

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