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May 26, 2011

NY Times applauds the amateur singer

Here's part of a nice review the New York Times gave to American Idol:-

This profusion of amateur hours must be a product of the times. When business is bad, there’s still show business. In a postindustrial era, entertainment is perhaps the one field where the United States remains indisputably No. 1. And especially in this year’s refitted format, “American Idol” offers a less complicated landscape in which individuals compete and excellence is rewarded in a currency that almost everyone understands: music.

It’s often posited that “American Idol” has staying power because it’s the ultimate wish fulfillment show. Actually, not everyone fantasizes about becoming a pop star, but a lot of people sing, and a surprising number sing well, be it in the shower, a church choir, an a cappella group or a garage band. Americans love to sing and they also love a contest, and this show rewards old-fashioned values like individualism, likeability, and using one’s own voice to make good. It’s a feel-good parable of free enterprise, one that blends showmanship with a show of democracy. Each week, there is an election, and the concession speech comes in the form of a song. Read more.

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