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August 13, 2011

Fork's Pink Noise a hit at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Edinburgh Evening News (Scotland):

Despite looking like Eurovision no-hopers, this Finnish foursome won't have to worry about ending their Fringe run with nul points. Camp, kitsch and knowingly arch, Mia, Anna, Kasper and Jonte deliver polished vocal performances, backed up by an impressive visual show. Clean and crisp, the tracks are terrific, leaving you wondering how it's possible to generate such a full, rounded sound without instruments.

According to the Scandinavian stars, the answer is simple - a little electronic gimmickry and a lot of practice.

Straightforward takes on hits by Madonna, Coldplay and Katy Perry are entertaining enough, but on their own wouldn't be quite enough to sustain the act for 70 minutes.

Thankfully though, the group's willingness to poke fun at the artists covered - and more importantly, themselves - is what really drives the show on. And once this kicks in, there's no stopping them, as Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga and Queen all get the full Fork treatment, before a heavy metal mash-up that would win over even the most cynical audience members.

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