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August 30, 2011

Christian a cappella group ousts gay member

Daily Tar Heel (UNC):

The Christian a cappella group Psalm 100 voted unanimously Sunday night to remove one of its members, senior Will Thomason, because of his views on homosexuality, members said. Thomason, who is gay, said the group’s decision was based on a disagreement between him and members of the group about the organization’s constitution.

Psalm 100’s constitution mandates that members of the group act in accordance with ideology laid out in the Bible, said Blake Templeton, general director of the group. Templeton stressed that Thomason was not removed because of his sexual orientation.
“It’s really easy in this situation for the focus to be on this one thing — the homosexuality,” he said. “It wasn’t about that. “It was really about a disagreement with something that was clearly written in Scripture and in the Bible and we just have to base all of our decisions, constitutionally … on the Bible.”

The decision, along with the group’s status as a student organization, highlights a gray area in the University’s non-discrimination policy. The policy gives student groups the right to limit membership to those who share a certain set of ideas, as long as no student is excluded on the basis of personal characteristics — including sexual orientation.

Templeton said the issue surfaced after a member of the group became aware of Thomason’s view on homosexuality through a conversation with him. “For Will, (his view) was not just a talking point for the group to discuss,” Templeton said. “It was a decision he had made.”

The group’s constitution empowers its members to vote to remove members behaving in a manner contrary to the teachings of the Bible, an option the group has utilized before, Templeton said. He added that Thomason still has the option to return to the group if his views become aligned with the group’s.

Thomason said his views became an issue for the group after he came to believe that homosexuality does not conflict with Christianity. “Now, while realizing God can do anything, I also think God can use me, a non-heterosexual individual, to glorify His name. Read more.

How dreadful. I don't think this group should be called a "Christian" group as, in my humble opinion, such action as this is decidedly un-Christian. I firmly believe Jesus would never shun anybody due to their sexual persuasion.

Posted by acapnews at August 30, 2011 12:00 AM


This is reprehensible - and you call yourself Christian? How about loving your fellow human beings even if they are not in the same "cookie mold" as you, which is what Christ would do.

Shame on you!

Posted by: Huey at August 31, 2011 12:21 PM

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