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November 16, 2011

“The David Hasseloffs of A Cappella”

The Blanks seem to be growing in popularity in the UK and are currently in Scotland where they were interviewed by Glasswork. A quote:-

Q: You've been to the UK to tour a fair few times recently. We love you here. Aside from the weather and the food what are you're favourite things about England?

Why, thanks, the feeling is mutual! Gosh, where to begin? Newspapers with naked people in them. Obviously. Folks constantly offering us sweets, and not just the ones wearing trench coats. Mushy peas… wait, that’s food-related. There is the colourful money of course. We are perplexed about a few things in your country… such as why all the showers here have odd glass partitions that allow the shower water to flow out and onto floor. And you guys still insist on the “two faucet” system in your sinks, one with scalding hot, the other with freezing cold water. I think once you guys fix up your plumbing, there will be no stopping you.

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