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January 11, 2012

The Primary Season, A Cappella

Working away in the a cappella warehouse this afternoon listening to NPR's All Things Considered and news of the primaries when out of the blue came this segment. Cool.

"The next 40-some weeks are going to be a screaming tower of political babble; a cacophony of accusing and boasting, pandering and slandering. I watch the news these days with the mute button permanently depressed, lest I fall into a permanent depression myself. There's only so much contention and vitriol a sensitive soul can bear.

Fortunately, I've developed a sonic antidote to the nerve-rattling chorus of pundits and office-seekers: a cappella music. Human voices singing solo melodies or merged in harmony. Best of all, they rarely sing about downbeat temporal matters like unemployment, budget deficits or gun control.

So here's the prescription for election-year sensory overload: Silence the devil television and turn up the angelic strains of human voices united in harmony. As it turns out, we can all get along."

Listen here.

Posted by acapnews at January 11, 2012 12:00 AM