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March 27, 2012

24 Singing Protestors Arrested

Village Voice (NY):

If last Friday's People's Bailout turned out to be anti-climatic, the singing protestors--made up of activists from groups such as Occupied Wall Street, Organizing For Occupation, Judson Memorial Church, Union Theological Seminary, and Occupied Faith--got their fair share of action yesterday at the Bronx Supreme Court, as 24 people--about half the group--were arrested for interrupting the foreclosure auction.

The day's action started at a little past noon with the group meeting at Joyce Kilmer Park near Yankee Stadium. There, the diverse group--ranging from young men to old women--warmed up their vocal cords with singing exercises, followed by a skit mocking the foreclosure proceedings.

Just like the Queen's blockade from last month, their plan was to split into groups, and interrupt the court procedure multiple times. But when the first group's singing couldn't quite deter the sale--the auctioneer and investors actually continued the bidding process as the first group sung--other protestors had to join in ahead of schedule.

The court guards reacted swiftly, a two dozen singers were taken to the back room. Despite the disturbance and arrest, Roth said the protestors and the guards were mostly amicable. Read more.

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