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April 13, 2012

Compulsory a cappella in Canada?

Toronto Star:

O Canada? More like no Canada.

So many students are merely listening to the national anthem each morning in schools that one Toronto trustee is proposing they be told to sing it — a cappella — every day. “What has happened over the years is there’s a CD that all the schools have, and they just play it,” said Trustee Angela Kennedy of the Toronto Catholic District School Board.

“I think it makes people lazy and the expectation is that people not sing. And when you get to big events (like graduations), people aren’t singing either. . . . It’s unpatriotic, and I think as educators we need to be instilling some better values around patriotism and good citizenship.”

Kennedy’s motion, which comes before the board next week, notes that even though singing “O Canada” is required during the daily opening exercises, that doesn’t happen. She wants the rules changed so “students will sing ‘O Canada’ a cappella.”

While acknowledging there may be some resistance — and students may feel embarrassed — she’s open to other suggestions. Her music-less version is a low-cost option, she added. “I thought I should address (the issue), get it out there for public debate.” At least one school in her board is already in tune with the idea. Read more.

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