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June 12, 2012

A competitor folds

For about ten years or so my company Primarily A Cappella had a fierce competitor who started a business originally based exactly on Singers.com (he started by downloading my web site and then just changed the name). This competitor seemingly would go to any lengths to compete and some were saying was obsessed with trying to find out what we were doing and how to hurt us (arch rivals he called us). I chose the complete opposite approach and basically ignored him, rarely went to his web site and decided to never ever mention the name of this business in public. I joked to myself that the only time I would mention this company’s name is when I could tell of its demise.

Well it gives me surprisingly little satisfaction to announce that Mainly A Cappella (a-cappella.com) has officially gone out of business as of June 1st and its web site has been closed. The person who was responsible for all the unnecessary negativity did walk away a couple of years ago and the company has been run the past few years by another person who I am told was a nice guy however I never did have reason to communicate with him until recently. I have wished him well.

I never understood the over-amped competitiveness of the previous owner and spent my energies instead on managing and running my businesses and not concerning myself with the affairs of others. Had he done the same then maybe he would have had more success.

There’s no doubt that music retail has changed dramatically in recent years and what may have been a wiz bang concept 10 years ago no longer applies in these times. However we here at Primarily A Cappella are still cruising along nicely and have every intention to continue serving the a cappella community for years to come. I have some new ideas in mind and will be rolling out some new features over the summer.

I’m a product of the 60’s and the concept of harmony means more to me than just voices blending. I’m so glad that we no longer have such divisiveness amongst us and that we can pull together and help spread the joy of unaccompanied vocal harmony music.

Posted by acapnews at June 12, 2012 12:00 AM