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August 6, 2012

Laughing all the way to The Blanks

The Sun (UK):

Ted’s Band shot to fame singing their maddening melodies on the smash hit US series which saw the show’s star Zach Braff — Dr John ‘JD’ Dorian — spend eight years trying to escape the quirky quartet. Now the group — real name The Blanks — are taking the Edinburgh Festival by storm.

Lead singer Sam Lloyd, who starred as Dr Ted Buckland in Scrubs, joked: “They have barricades at our gigs — to keep people in.

“We do most of the songs from Scrubs over 55 minutes. Any longer would be considered torture — or acapella-hella.”

The California quartet — all in their 40s — include bald singer Philip McNiven, bespectacled composer and songwriter Paul F Perry and hunky George Miserlis. Sam revealed: “We called ourselves The Blanks because when we say who we are, everyone stares at us with a blank expression. “But when we then say ‘Ted’s band from Scrubs’ everyone goes, ‘Oh yeah, you guys’.”

The Blanks were actually together before finding worldwide TV stardom. Sam explained: “I got on Scrubs as Ted and then one year at the cast and crew Christmas party I offered us up to sing a song. “So I did about 100 episodes as Ted without the band, but the 20 I did with The Blanks are the only ones anyone seems to remember.”

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