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September 19, 2012

Choral singer shot, killed after rehearsal

Washington Post:

Peter Marvit never missed rehearsal with the Baltimore Choral Arts Society, and this week, he showed up wearing one of his trademark ties — short, fat and brightly colored. After the three-hour practice concluded with “Carol of the Angels,” the music director, Tom Hall, told everyone “to drive safe and be well.”

But as Marvit, 51, returned to his Northeast Baltimore home, the scientist and contract researcher for the National Institutes of Health was gunned down Monday just steps from his front door in a seemingly random attack that police said Tuesday may have been a robbery.

Friends and colleagues described Marvit as witty and good-natured. Marvit, who had a psychology PhD, conducted research on hearing and worked to bring music education to impoverished city children.

“There was no one that I could think of who tried more diligently and with greater effort to expand [musical] opportunities for city schools students,” said Kelly Powers, director of the Baltimore Talent Education Center. “The senselessness — you hear that all the time, but that’s exactly what it is.” Read more.

As a regular contributor the the Brady Campaign I deplore the prevalence (and seeming reverence) of guns in this country. The ones who suffer are often the innocent like this poor fellow murdered on his way home from rehearsal.

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