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January 7, 2013

Special value of choral speaking

New Straight Times (Malaysia):

It has been seen as a means of improving spoken English. It is the art of using a number of voices in unison to produce a piece of poetry or prose that highlights, through performance, the images and the mood that the writer of the piece envisaged.

Today, a number of schools in Johor take part in choral-speaking competitions.

These schools first participate in the zone or district levels before proceeding to the state level. Success at the state level will lead to competition at the national level, where participants will face the creme de la crème from different states. Becoming national champion is no easy task, and is the dream of every school to get to that pinnacle.

I know it is not easy training a group of students for a choral speaking competition. Teachers should bear in mind that, to become champions, the development of group cooperation in achieving the end result is an essential part of choral speaking and should be regularly highlighted to the students.

Teachers must stress to them the need to connect with the audience. Choral speaking is not about speaking to oneself. Enunciation and voice projection must be clear. Besides, performers have to be passionate and enthusiastic. Furthermore, they must not sway their bodies as their faces must come alive

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I had never thought about how useful such a method could be.

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