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March 5, 2013

Women Whiffs? Not this year

Yale Daily News:

This past weekend, one of Yale’s longest-standing musical traditions was challenged when two women auditioned for the all-senior, male Whiffenpoofs a cappella group for the first time since 1987, though neither was ultimately admitted.

Sara Hendel ’14 said she and Mary Bolt ’14, both of Mixed Company, took the audition process seriously and asked to be given equal consideration with their male counterparts, both auditioning for tenor voice parts to discredit the argument that admitting women would force the group to modify their repertoire drastically in the short term. Both Bolt and Hendel said they feel women should have a fair chance of auditioning for the Whiffenpoofs, because the prestige and opportunities afforded by the group exceed those offered by Whim ‘n Rhythm, the all-senior female a cappella group founded in 1981 as a counterpart to the Whiffenpoofs. While several current and former members of the all-male group said they recognize the differences between the two groups, they argue admitting women would alter the Whiffenpoof’s traditional sound and image. Read more.

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