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July 12, 2013

Singing Mom Can Sue San Diego

Courthouse News Service:

A 51-year-old mother who sang songs about social issues with her group the Occupellas, and claims she was falsely arrested during "Occupy San Diego" can file an amended civil rights complaint, though a federal judge dismissed many of her claims.

Stephanie Jennings sued the City and County of San Diego, claiming that they violated her civil rights "by attacking and falsely arresting her with the intention of chilling her constitutional rights."

"Jennings is a 51-year-old mother and community volunteer," U.S. District Judge James Lorenz wrote in his order. "She alleges that on the evening of January 7, 2012, she and a group of other middle-aged women (the 'Occupellas') congregated outside the San Diego Civic Center to 'sing some songs about social issues to the tune of familiar songs.' A group of Occupy San Diego protestors marched from the Children's Park into the plaza in front of the center. At this point, plaintiff left the singing group and encountered defendant Sergeant James Milano, who allegedly pushed her to the ground and directed two or three Doe defendant police officers to arrest her. She alleges that the Doe defendant officers arrested her using excessive and unnecessary force." Read more.

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