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October 4, 2013

Mo5aic, longtime opening act for George Wallace, back in a Vegas venue

Las Vegas Review-Journal (NV):

There are two versions of how the a cappella quintet Mo5aic came to be. But because George Wallace is George Wallace, his story is funnier than the real one.

“I call ’em my kids,” the comedian says of his former opening act. Really. “Each one of these is my kids,” he would tell audiences. “I met their mothers in different places. … The tall kid Josh, I met his mother in Colorado. I met another one in Jamaica.”

The real story is more conventional: Josh Huslig, working in vocal groups at Walt Disney World in the early 2000s, inspired to “modernize” a cappella and recruited other talented theme park employees to form Mo5aic.

But Wallace is still a key part of the saga. Huslig and his vocal partners agree that being part of the comedian’s Flamingo show for more than three years taught them how to be themselves onstage.

“He taught us how to react in that moment,” Huslig says. “Before, I think we were a much more structured group. We never really came off as stiff or unrelaxed, but we were always very structured. With George, we really developed a more off-the-cuff style. It was very influential on what the product has become today.”

That product has returned to a Las Vegas show venue. This time, Mo5aic is selling tickets on its own in the Las Vegas Hotel’s Shimmer Cabaret.

And although Huslig may be the rare a cappella singer to sport a multihued mohawk, singing without instruments has only gained more street cred over the years for him, Heath Burgett, Jake Moulton, Corwyn Hodge and Roopak Ahuja.

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