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September 23, 2014

Choir drowned out by buskers

Daily Express (UK):

The Evensong at Bath Abbey was stopped halfway through yesterday after singers in the square outside drowned out the choir's songs, causing the congregation to stop their service and head off home.

There has been a religious establishment on the site since 675 AD, and the current building dates from 1500.

Musical director Peter King said rogue buskers were a common problem in the area and blamed the council for a lack of action.

Writing on Twitter, he said: "Choral Evensong abandoned today because of noise from buskers. Local council continues to do nothing about this nuisance. "Local office staff work with ear plugs and can't open windows in heatwave because of buskers.

"Two boys had learnt solos and taken them home to practise and were singing them beautifully; all wasted."

Kingston Parade, the square outside the abbey is a popular spot for buskers who sing and play amplified instruments. Buskers in the city are supposed to undergo an audition to check they are good enough, and meet at 10am every day to arrange pitches and a running order.

Bath Abbey's congregation are in good company when it comes to being distracted by buskers. In May last year, drummers outside the Gielgud Theatre in London were so loud that actress Dame Helen Mirren, who was in costume as The Queen, left the theatre during the interval of The Audience to remonstrate with them.

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