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September 25, 2014

Bath buskers fight back

Seems like the brouhaha over the buskers and Bath Abbey choir is heating up. In this article in the Guardian (with video clips) the buskers give their position with street musician Jack Morgan saying “I think the rector has a personal issue with buskers. I think he feels that the only music in the square should be the fine choir of the abbey. I think he would like us to go away. I don’t think it’s a volume issue, I think it’s a more political issue. I think we’re seen as a rabble but we have a right to free expression and free speech and that’s what we’ll fight for. We’re part of a liberal British musical culture.”

In his office the rector Rev Prebendary Edward Mason admitted he was passionate about the issue. He had been reading an Old Testament passage about leadership when he felt he had to show just that quality and say the service had to stop.

Mason said: “I’ve been working with the street musicians for a long time but I’m really anxious about this city. I feel like weeping for it really.

“We’re surrounded by noise quite a lot of the time. I feel like weeping for those who try to sort out issues in the city and how we live together. I weep for a beautiful place that is subject to this noise. I weep that we human beings just cannot resolve conflict.”

Mason said the local authority, Bath and North East Somerset council, had little power to solve the problem – but he thought the Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act, which comes into force next month, might help.

Meanwhile Jack Morgan rejigged his normal set. “I’m going to be playing some protest songs,” he told the crowd milling around in front of Bath Abbey – and launched into a (suitably quiet) version of The Sound of Silence. Read lots more.

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